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09.10.15.The quantum computer is now closer than ever - but what's all the fuss about?
Quantum computing on desktop becoming a reality soon?.Times of India
07.10.15.Quantum computing breakthrough: Qubits made from standard silicon transistors. Gizmag
Coming Soon: Quantum Computing on Your Desktop PC?Mother Jones
Basic quantum computation achieved with silicon for first time.New Scientist
Crucial hurdle overcome in quantum
David DiVincenzo on his Tenure at IBM and the Future of Quantum...IEEE Spectrum
 'What we have is a game changer': UNSW researchers to reveal..Sydney Morning Herald
Did Google's quantum computer just get the biggest processor upgrade..ExtremeTech
Google's Quantum Computer Just Got a Big Upgrade | WIRED.Wired
Google and NASA Have A New Quantum Computer. Popular Science‎
Two-dimensional organic lattices for spintronic and quantum computing...Phys.Org
Quantum computing: 60-mile quantum teleportation.. International Business Times UK
Scientists shatter distance record for teleporting quantum data.Engadget
Australia could have the world's first quantum... The Australian Financial Review
What are quantum computers?3News NZ
Will Quantum Computers Threaten Modern Cryptography?Tripwire
You're not irrational, you're just quantum probabilistic: Researchers...Science Daily‎
Chris Granade: Practical Bayesian Tomography.University of Waterloo
Online security braces for quantum
09.09.15.Quantum leap – will quantum computing be Australia's..The Australian Financial Review
A Tricky Path to Quantum-Safe Encryption.Quanta Magazine
Alibaba Places Bet on Quantum Computing, Pledges to Invest 30 Million Yuan...Yibada
Quantum Computing: From Theory To Reality. Forbes‎
Goodbye Moore's Law! Intel invests $50 million into quantum computing...Fortune
D-Wave unveils new quantum computing benchmark (and it's fast).Ars Technica
Quantum computing will bring immense processing possibilities.Phys.Org
Get used to it: quantum computing will bring immense processing..The Conversation UK
Seth Lloyd,leading quantum mechanics expert,appointed Nam P.Suh Professor.MIT News
Quantum computer that 'computes without running' sets efficiency record. Phys.Org
NSA wants encryption that fends off quantum computing hacks.Engadget
Tech: How Quantum Computers Are Prepared for Hackers.Time‎
Imagineering markets in our quantum computing future.FT Alphaville
28.08.15.Eureka Prize honours quantum computing pioneers in their quest for "...ABC Online
Quantum computing startup gets boost with $50m..International Business Times UK
Pioneers of quantum computing are among the 2015 Eureka Prize..The Conversation AU
Physicists get answers from computer that didn't run.Science News
Joint quantum-computing venture is a first for China.
Quantum computer firm D-Wave claims massive performance boost.New Scientist
NSA preps quantum-resistant algorithms to head off crypto-apocalypse.Ars Technica
Announcing the D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer | D-Wave Systems.D-Wave Systems
Securing data from tomorrow's supercomputers:For the powerful quantum.. Science Daily
Unusual magnetic behavior observed at a material interface.MIT News
17.08.15.Breakthrough photonic processor promises quantum computing leap.Gizmag
Major step forward in quantum computing taken with optical chip.HEXUS
New optical chip lights up the race for quantum computer ScienceDaily.Science Daily
The jaw-dropping promise — and brain-twisting challenge — of quantum computing..Ted
Paving the way for a faster quantum computer: Unordered quantum..Science Daily
Public Release: 11-Aug-2015 Paving the way for a faster quantum computer. EurekAlert‎ 
Air Force Study Shows Potential, Limits of Quantum Tech.
"New Quantum Theories of Prof. Solomon Budnik of Tel Aviv enable to create paper thin quantum computers and iPhones and remote space displays quantum TVs."Read more in Chapter"Our Partners"

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New Project:Quantum Intelligence Technology.Real intelligent steering of adaptive complex networks

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07.10.15.MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Announces Qualcomm Incorporated and Autonomous Solutions,Inc.(ASI) as Platinum Sponsors and Reveals Program Details;December 14-16,2015 in San Diego,California.(New York,NY–September 30,2015)-MecklerMedia Corporation (OTCQX:MECK) announced that Qualcomm Incorporated..MecklerMedia Corporation...  

07.10.15.From trees to power: Engineers build better energy storage device.McMaster Engineering researchers Emily Cranston and Igor Zhitomirsky are turning trees into energy storage devices capable of powering everything from a smart watch to a hybrid car. The scientists are using cellulose, an organic compound found in plants, bacteria, algae and trees, to build more..McMaster University... 

07.10.15.Researchers find 'greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications.The efficiency of solar cells depends on precise engineering of polymers that assemble into films 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.Today, formation of that polymer assembly requires solvents that can harm the environment, but scientists at the Department of Energy's...Oak Ridge National Laboratory... 

07.10.15.Like biological channels, graphene pores are ive for certain types of ions.The surface of a single cell contains hundreds of tiny pores, or ion channels, each of which is a portal for specific ions. Ion channels are typically about 1 nanometer wide; by maintaining the right balance of ions, they keep cells healthy and stable.Now researchers at MIT have ..Massachusetts Institute of Technology... 

06.10.15. Nanoscale photodetector shows promise to improve the capacity of photonic circuits.Photonic circuits, which use light to transmit signals, are markedly faster than electronic circuits. Unfortunately, they're also bigger. It's difficult to localize visible light below its diffraction limit, about 200-300 nanometers, and as components in electronic semiconductors have..Optical Society of America... 

04.09.15.Reversible Writing with Light. Self-assembling nanoparticles take their cues from their surroundings.Nanoparticles disperse in the light, aggregate in the dark.Nanoparticles in a light-sensitive medium scatter in the light (left) and aggregate in the dark (right) This method could be the basis of future "rewritable paper".The medium is the message. Dr. Rafal Klajn.. Weizmann Institute of Science... 

04.09.15.A Marine Creature’s Magic Trick Explained. Structural Biology.Crystal structures on the sea sapphire's back appear differently depending on the angle of reflection.Tiny ocean creatures known as sea sapphires perform a sort of magic trick as they swim: One second they appear in splendid iridescent shades of blue, purple or green, and the next they may turn invisible..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

04.09.14.How Does Your Microbiome Grow? Bioinformatics.The reproduction rates of the bacteria in one's gut may be a good indicator of health or disease.It is increasingly clear that the thousands of different bacteria living in our intestinal tract – our microbiome – have a major impact on our health. But the details of the microbiome’s effects are still fairly murky.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

03.08.15.Ants in the Lead.A physics-based model can explain how ants cooperate in steering food to their nest. Anyone who has ever watched a group of ants scurrying to carry a large crumb back to their nest has probably wondered how these tiny creatures manage the task. New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, which appeared today in Nature...Weizmann Institute of Science...  

27.07.15.Weizmann Institute of Science 10th in the World for Research Quality. The Weizmann Institute of Science has been ranked 10th in an international research ranking. The ranking is conducted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University, the Netherlands. The Weizmann Institute is the only one of the top ten research institutes that is outside the US.Weizmann Institute of Science...