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04.02.16.More Details on the NSA Switching to Quantum-Resistant...Schneier on Security
Image for the news result Macroscopic quantum entanglement achieved...Gizmag
New invention revolutionizes heat transport.Aalto University
Cambridge Quantum Computing listed as one of Bloomberg Business' ..Bobsguide
Super-fast computing breakthrough: Light-based...International Business Times UK
Scientist Michelle Simmons leading the race to build...The Australian Financial Review
Quantum Computers Are The New Trend To Approach Big Data. Parent Herald
A new quantum approach to big data.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantum algorithms for topological and geometric analysis of data.Nature
Quantum Computing Is Coming Are You Prepared For It? University of Bristol  
Bismuth-based nanoribbons show ‘topological’ transport, potential..Purdue University
Mechanical quanta see the light.Phys.Org
Gaming, quantum computing, and more at the B.C. Tech Summit (video)
Frozen quantum gas tied into knots for the first time.New Scientist
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Collaborates With Rambus On Memory Systems. Amigobulls
Quantum algorithms: an overview : npj Quantum Information. Nature
What is quantum tech - and could it take off in the UK?
How quantum computation will be a goldmine for the financial world.Information Age
Quantum computing and the dawn of the quantum tyranny.Canberra Times
The Blog.Lifeboat Foundation
2 Quantum Computing Companies That Are Not D-Wave.Nanalyze‎
Microsoft and Rambus team up for quantum computing research.BetaNews
.Google's quantum computer could launch A.I. arms race.Chicago Tribune
Image for the news result Quantum Computing and Gaming - A 100 Million...PC Mweb
21.12.15.Quantum key distribution gets ready for satellite uplinks. University of Waterloo
Image for the news result A Turning Point For Quantum Computing. TechCrunch  
Google: We have proof that our quantum computer really works.Engadget
IBM to develop hardware to wipe out errors in quantum computing.New Scientist
Sydney quantum computing wonks get $36M to build god box.The Register
UNSW to receive AU$10m from CommBank for quantum computing | ZDNet.ZDNet
Innovation statement: CBA increases investment in...The Australian Financial Review
Quantum computing simulator offers a sneak peek into future of computing.Phys.Org‎
Microsoft Releases Quantum Computing Simulator To The Masses.Microsoft
Google reportedly planning a 'watershed' quantum computing announcement..9 to 5 Google
Moving past PCs: Government lab dabbles in quantum computers and ... PCWorld
New derivation of pi links quantum physics and pure math:Researchers..Science Daily
Researchers Achieve Long-Distance Teleportation and Quantum...IEEE Spectrum
Best of Last Week—Breakthroughs in quantum computing, a very...‎
Quantum materials: A new paradigm for computing?MIT News
 Researchers take two big steps toward quantum

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27.01.16.In plasmonics, 'optical losses' could bring practical gain.What researchers had thought of as a barrier to developing advanced technologies based on the emerging field of plasmonics is now seen as a potential pathway to practical applications in areas from cancer therapy to nanomanufacturing.Plasmonic materials contain features, patterns or elements that enable unprecedented..Purdue University... 

27.01.16.CaO makes the graphene hierarchy for high-power lithium-sulfur batteries.Porous Graphene Casted on CaO template.Structural hierarchy is the cornerstone of the biological world, as well as the most important lesson that we have learned from nature to develop ingenious hierarchical porous materials for various applications in energy conversion and storage.Tsinghua University... 

27.01.16.Scientists synthesize nanoparticles that can deliver tumor suppressors to damaged livers.UT Southwestern Medical Center chemists have successfully used synthetic nanoparticles to deliver tumor-suppressing therapies to diseased livers with cancer, an important hurdle scientists have been struggling to conquer.Late-stage liver cancer is a major challenge for therapeutic intervention.UT Southwestern Medical Center... 

25.01.15.Microscopic drug 'depots' boost efficacy against tumors in animal model.Biomedical engineering researchers have developed a technique for creating microscopic "depots" for trapping drugs inside cancer tumors. In an animal model, these drug depots were 10 times more effective at shrinking tumors than the use of the same drugs without the depots.Some anti-cancer..North Carolina State University... 

25.01.16.Highly efficient heavy metal ions filter.In November 2015, Brazil experienced an unparalleled environmental disaster. When two dams broke at an iron ore mine, a poisonous cocktail of heavy metals was sent pouring into the Rio Doce, reaching the Atlantic some days later. The consequences were devastating for nature and humans alike: countless fish, birds and animals died, and a quarter of..ETH Zurich... 

09.01.16.Tiny “Flasks” Speed Up Chemical Reactions.Self-assembling nanosphere clusters may improve everything from drug synthesis to drug delivery.Miniature self-assembling “flasks” created at the Weizmann Institute may prove a useful tool in research and industry. The nanoflasks, which have a span of several nanometers, or millionths of a millimeter, can accelerate..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

09.01.16.Your Symptoms? Evolution’s Way of Telling You to Stay Home.Research suggests that our selfish genes are behind the aches and fever.When you have a fever, your nose is stuffed and your headache is spreading to your toes, your body is telling you to stay home in bed. Feeling sick is an evolutionary adaptation according to a hypothesis put forward by Prof. Guy Shakhar.Weizmann Institute of Science... 

06.01.16.Weizmann Institute Drug, TOOKAD® Soluble, Approved for Prostate Cancer Therapy in Mexico.A successful Phase III clinical trial in Latin America confirmed the high rate of local cures and minimal side effects already reported in Phase II clinical trials.Magnetic resonance images of the prostate gland after treatment with Tookad Soluble. The black regions show the portion..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

27.11.15.Tapping Particles of Light.Weizmann Institute scientists single out individual photons.At the Weizmann Institute of Science, researchers have managed to “pluck” a single photon – one particle of light – out of a pulse of light.The findings of this research, which appeared this week in Nature Photonics, bear both fundamental and practical significance: Light is the workhorse of today’s..Weizmann Institute of Science... 

27.11.15.Rare Disease is a Lens on Cancer.In children, lack of a protein causes a dangerous disease. Why do cancer cells suppress the same protein?What can a rare genetic childhood disease teach us about cancer?Dr. Ayelet Erez of the Weizmann Institute’s Biological Regulation Department says: “A single-mutation disease can act as a ‘lens.’If we find exactly what malfunctions...Weizmann Institute of Science...